We are open every Monday, 11 till 5pm and Friday for our regular activities

Sol Cafe is an LGBTIQ+ pay as you feel grassroots cafe where everyone is welcome regardless of their situation.

Every week we offer different creative workshops. Come have look, get involved, share your skills!

We are always interested in new ideas or ways to make the cafe a better more inclusive space. We created a survey so we can have a better idea of what you would like to see happening here!

Here’s a little video we made for our Crowdfunder! We are still quite a way from reaching our goal, Follow the link and help us keep the cafe open and providing this much needed safe space for the community!

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What we have on



    Growing heart


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    we’re having a party and it’s going to be sober! More details coming soon…



  • #QueerFridays

    Here are the activities you can expect to see at Sol Cafe on Fridays!

    Queer check in, every first friday of the month, 3-5pm
    Queer Book club, every 2nd FRiday of the month, 3-5pm.
    Trans+ check in every 3rd friday of the month, 3-5pm
    Black and POC check in, every 4th friday of the month, 6-8pm.
  • Every 1st Friday of the month

    We are running a monthly check-in now! Every first Friday of the month, we’ll be having a queer check-in. A safe space where we can all be heard, held, listened to and seen without judgment. All the emotions are welcome!
    First one will be on 6th August. See you then!

You can help us with a single donation or a monthly one.

At Sol Cafe we value everyone’s rights, differences and backgrounds, to simplify we created the SOL CAFE ETHICS below to represent a little of our values

Colourful illustrations accompany the following Sol Cafe Ethics:
All we have is each other
No discrimination, no racism, LGBTQIA+ respect 
Let’s be helpful whenever we can
Keep an open mind. We don’t know everyone’s journey and history
If you don’t know something, ask! I,e, it’s easy to as people’s pronouns when you don’t know
Respect each other’s differences! Diversity is what makes it beautiful.
Practice random acts of kindness
Sol Cafe is a sober space.

Covid-19 statement

We want to keep all members of our community safe.
We ask that those who visit be as safe as possible.
As a team we will keeping hand sanitiser around the space, wearing masks as much as possible and doing regular lateral flow tests.