About us

Sol Cafe is a LGBTIQ+ Pay As You Feel and sober community cafe space in central Birmingham. We provide excellent vegan food and drinks alongside plenty of weekly activities, socials and workshops. Sol Cafe is a place where people can find food, support, advice and meet new friends!

Every week we offer a different menu of homemade delicious and nutritious vegan food. We have teamed up with the Incredible Surplus project to turn perfectly good food they source from supermarkets and restaurants into wonderful meals. We are conscious about the need for food redistribution and food access, and to reduce food waste and cut our carbon footprint in every way possible.

We warmly welcome everyone that comes through our doors, particularly people from marginalised groups. This includes POC, trans and gender non-conforming, those who have disabilities, are neurodiverse, asylum seekers, refugees and the homeless.

Our goal is to continually nurture and grow a special and sober safe space for people across the LGBTIQ+ community in Birmingham and West Midlands. Sol Cafe is a place that encourages the sharing of skills, resources, expertise and stories. We encourage our users to reclaim their own power by offering their own workshops and creating socials, with our material help. We believe everyone has skills to share and teach others and encourage you to get involved.

So come along and visit Sol Cafe – a space free from discrimination and judgement and full of wellbeing, culture and creativity!

Do you have a brilliant idea for a workshop? Maybe some art to display? Send a email or pop down to the cafe to have a chat together!

I love connecting and supporting people, building bridges between communities and offering safe welcoming spaces for all to enable open communication!


Finding Sol Cafe has meant that I feel a part of the community and can use my experiences to help others along their way.